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* Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889.
* Because of a failure in secondary school, he went to the Vienna Academy and he was also rejected.
* Hitler´s ideas were racism(especially against Jews) especially anti – Semitism. He was also an extreme nationalist, developed these ideas in Vienna.
* Hitler served on the Western Front for 4 years on WW1. Then he enteredpolitics in Germany.
* In 1919 he joined the German Worker´s Party.
* In 1921, Hitler took control of the party and change the name to National Socialist German Worker´s Party (Nazi). After twoyears the amount of people on the party had grown up to 55,000 people.
* He wanted to take over Vienna’s government and was sent to jail.
* While he was in prison he wrote a book called “MeinKampf” or “My Struggle”.
* Lebensraum – Living Space
* Reichstag – German Parliament
* Germany´s economic difficulties were a crucial factor in the Nazi rise to power, people supported thembecause they thought Hitler will solve the economic problems.
* Concentration Camps – large prison camps for people who opposed to the new regime, to Hitler´s ideas.
* Hitler wanted to develop atotalitarian state. His goal was to develop an Aryan racial state that would dominate Europe and possibly the world for generations to come. He called Aryan because it was from a higher race. He wantedto develop another Roman Empire.
* The SS (secret police) was based on two principles: terror and ideology.
* Hitler used public works projects and grants to private construction firms to putpeople back to word and end the depression. The unemployment dropped from 6 million to 2.6 million. As many people thought, he kind of solve the unemployment.
* Women played a big role in the Aryanstates as the mothers of children, who would bring the triumph of the Aryan race. Women were housewives
* Nuremberg Laws excluded Jews from German citizenship and forbade marriages between Jews...
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