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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2010
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Know and learn the customs, religion, trends, people, etc ...., from all over the world is perhaps the most appropriate way to enrich ourselves with the cultureof the people who live elsewhere. China has always been characterized as a country well known around the world; however, over the years and changes that occur in our days, ancient China has bothdifferences and similarities in comparison to the current China, including the family, social classes and education influence in the industrialization and improvement of this country.

First of all,family unity is and has been very important for Chinese people because it is a factor that has remained stable parents with their children, but over time this has changed as the new marriage law wasestablished, this law redefined the relation between family and state.

On the other hand, social classes are very well reflected in ancient China because slavery prevailed especially in the poor. Forexample, many Chinese people were slaves and some of them worked as servants in rich people´s houses and they also were born slaves, because their mothers were slaves. In contrast, nowadays this countryvalues women and offer opportunities to improve their quality of life.

It is also important to emphasize in education, because it is the best tool for children in the future to be greatprofessionals, but unfortunately in ancient China this aspect was not very pronounced because back then children worked on their parents´ farms, picking weeds and planting seeds. The boys worked very hard atschool, because doing well on the state examinations was the only way to get political power. Now, the education has achieved a high level of prosperity and progress in Chinese family life.

In brief,China has taken drastic but successful changes over the years, because despite the difficulties experienced by the Chinese people in ancient times, now is a great country, focused on the pursuit of...
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