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In the engine room

The captain wants to see you. You are an engineer, are not you? Come this way, please. The sailor opened a door and Daniel went quickly inside. They went down some stairs. Heopened another door, and a great cloud or steam came out. Daniel followed the young sailor into the room. It was very hot in here, and there were clouds of steam everywhere. A tall, red-faced man cameup to him. Mister Donovan? My name is humble, captain humble. We need you sir. You are an engineer, I understand. One of these engines has already stopped, and the other is working very badly. There istoo much steam in this room, sir. And not…..

A big wave hit the ship with a terrible crash and Daniel, captain humble and the young sailor held onto the wall. Daniel saw a big man in a bluecoat, and shouted to him.

Are you the ship is engineer?

Yes! The man looked angry, tired, and frightened.

What is the matter? Why has this engine stopped?

Why? Because it is too old, ofcourse! Look here! See this? And this…..for five minutes the two engineers moved around in the steam and smoke, and looked at the big engines.

See? It is broken here, and here! How can I mend it now, inthe middle of a storm? Can you do that, sir?

Daniel shook his head. He was angry and frightened. No. of course I can not! The ship go back to land!

The man agreed quickly. That’s right, that’swant I say! But you tell captain humble that! He says this a new, modern ship , so it can go anywhere, in any weather! Our rich passengers want to go to Scotland, so that’s where we are going, he says!But it is too dangerous and….

The man stopped when captain humble came near. Well Mister Donovan? Can you help us? Do you know more about engines than this stupid engineer here? He says he can donothing, and we must go back to hull, because of small storm! But I am sure….

He is right, captain humble! Shouted Daniel. I can do nothing for these engines here, in this storm! They are too...
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