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Capital Canberra
Largest city Sydney
Currency Dólar australiano ( AUD )
Government Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
Monarch Elizabeth IIGovernor-General Quentin Bryce
Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Area  -  Total 7,617,930 km2 (6th)
Population  -  2011 estimate 22,574,915[] (50th)
The world's smallest continent andsixth largest country by total area.
Australia is the flattest continent with the oldest and least fertile soils

31 states constitute the United Mexican States.

Country Mexico
State Veracruz.
Veracruz is bordered by Tamaulipas to the north, the Gulf to the east, Tabasco to the southeast, Oaxaca and Chiapas to the south and Puebla,Hidalgo, and San Luis Potosi to the west. The population of 7 million is the third largest in Mexico. The state is noted for its mixed ethnic and large indigenous populations. Itscuisine reflects the many cultural influences that have come through the state because of the importance of the port of Veracruz. The capital is Xalapa, and other important cities includeVeracruz, Coatzacoalcos, Córdoba and Orizaba.
CLIMATE The large variation of altitude results in a large mixture of climates, from cold, snow-topped mountaintops to warm wet tropicalareas on the coast.
Most Populated Cities The Census of Population and Housing 2010 'throws the main cities
2. Veracruz Zona Metropolitana: 801.122 hab.
3. Xalapa ZonaMetropolitana: 666.268 hab.
4. Poza Rica Zona Metropolitana 513.308 hab.
5. Orizaba Zona Metropolitana 410.372 hab.
6. Minatitlán Zona Metropolitana 356.020 hab.
7.Coatzacoalcos Zona Metropolitana 347.223 hab.
8. Córdoba Zona Metropolitana 315.996 hab.
9. Acayucan Zona Metropolitana 112.999 hab.

Demographic evolution of Veracruz |
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