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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2010
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You just had a baby boy and come home and nurture you bundle of joy. After the first year your normal looking baby boy is not really behaving like the way he should be. He lives in his own world andnobody even you; his mom or dad can connect or have a visual attention from him. It is just devastating when your doctor runs a ton of test to end up telling you he is autistic. What do you do? Whatthis mean? Where do you begging? Is he going to be cure? Autism is not a sickness is a syndrome. Therefore there is not cure but there is treatment.
Autism is a severe incapacity characterized bya degenerative bio-psyche-social developmental disorder. This syndrome appears during the first three years of life. It is most common in males than in females in any race, ethnic group orsocioeconomically status. They have the same life expectancy as any normal person. Autism can be classified in three disorder groups; Social-relation disorder, Communication disorder, and Psychic disorder.There are also three distinctive characteristics: Communication, Behavior, and Socialization.
The autistic child has a real challenge in developing communication skills. Since they are submerged intheir own world they do not have the need to express themselves to others. This makes learning to talk and communicate a difficult task for parents and teachers. More than 50% of them do not have averbal language. Their conduct is involuntary. They behavior is inadequate when is stimulated by external factors. Their reaction to normal activities can cause most of the time a negative orabnormal behavior. Some of this rare behavior are no fear to danger, do not get scare, do not express their feelings, no imagination, lost sight, no eye contact, they do not understand reality. They donot have psychic structure. Therefore, it is not rare that the autistic child shows interest in learning. They learn according to their perceptions and interest, but are difficult to share an...
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