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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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My name is Miguel Angel Garza Garza and my friends call me Miguel. I was born the 18th of august of 1997, here in Mexico, Monterrey in a hospital called Hospital San Jose. In my familywe are seven people, there’s my mom, Lucia, my dad called Arturo, my older sister, Lucia who is 19 years old, Arturo who is 18, Andrea who is turning 17 pretty soon, me Miguel and I’m turning 15 in aweek, and Sebastian who is 12. My hobbies are playing instruments, all of them; even if I do not know how to play them I try like the guitar or the piano which I learn to play by myself withoutclasses. I’m good at any body contact sports, but especially like American football and boxing. I consider myself a happy person, and I really am happy where I am right now in high school, but I’msometimes lazy, especially in the mornings. I lived all my childhood over Europe and got the chance to visit around the continent, I lived for 3 years in London and two years in Spain. In seventh grade I cameback to México and went to Regiomontano Contry through Middle school. Right now I’m starting a whole new chapter of my life, since there are barely any people from my old school here in UDEM ValleAlto and I am making new friends with different teacher and different subjects. I haven’t have the time to think what am I going to study in college so I cannot really say what am I going to do in thefuture, but I don’t give up easily so I see myself being a successful man, although I think I could really focus my career in playing the instruments that I love or playing the sports that I’m good at.Besides of me being good sat those things, I’ve always dreamt of being important to the world and be famous someway, maybe it can be doing that, or maybe something else, I don’t know, but I have along life ahead of me. The goals in my life are simple and concrete, like almost every person I plan on having a happy life and have a good job without the need of money, that doesn’t mean I want to...
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