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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Round Skyscraper
Abu Dhabi, is one of the richest cities in the world, it is part of the United Arab Emirates, also, it has one of the most interesting skyscraper, it istaller than the liberty statue, and his structure, design and architecture is based on the nature of a sea shell; it had some complications because of that, it was necessary looking for balance, whichwas so hard to find it, so in this way, the designer give it a pentagonal form.
Another aspects that had influence in the building is the water pressure and the sand in the foundations, because ofthat it had seen the necessity of implement a diaphragm wall containing the sand in the place where the structure should be. His design in the foundations is around 400 concrete pills, and at least ahalf provides friction on the floor and the rock to set it, and the another half of the concrete pills enter the soil with the function of dispel the building loads. It is necessary to do a raft toprotect the skyscraper, making of that a barrier for the water pressure; this wall or barrier has 12000 m3 of concrete, previous to that, the wind effects on the place are analyzed to approve thefoundations design.
In Aldar, it was necessary two concrete cores of 125 m height, reinforced with 6500 tons of steel which transmit the loads to the pillars, taking in count that the principal goal is tobuild a homogenous concrete, surrounding this and giving the round form to the steel exoskeleton. Then is possible to set the facades and to begin with the inside details. Something that I think isimportant to stand out is a deformation of 150mm on the bow in the up side of the roof, it was due to a decision of let a separation to set the toilets; it seems to be a simple decision, but it is reallyserious, the overhangs are not aligned, and the most easy possibility to fix it is hydraulic jacks; in that way all kind of problems to building this skyscraper had been overcome, and the building...
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