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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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The backpacking is a type of vacation when the person goes to another country alone or in small groups, and they will travel of city by city,traveling by bus, in car or walking. These persons only take with them a back with their personal things like clothes, toothpaste and toothbrush, money, acamera , and their documents (passport, visa, credit cards), others prefer bring a diary for writing their stories or tips about their adventure.

Without adoubt for some people this sound dangerous or very expensive, but if you know how administer your money when you visit some cities, namely you mustn’toverspend in thing that you don’t need, only for the food, the transport, and the hostels, these last are a kind of hotel but is for travelers only for rest andtake a breakfast, there you sleep with others travelers.

Also some of disadvantages are that you could sleep in a street or another place in the outside,you can feel cold and other feelings like homesickness, but this is part of the adventure. With this kind of travel you can learn a lot of things, you canlearn the native language and the typical food also you can meet many people, of the country or another’s travelers, you can know yourself better and one of themost important things is that you can travel on your way, something that you couldn’t in a package vacation.

To sum up is your decision if you want to bea backpacker and live the experience of travel by yourself, for me it’s one of the things that you must taste before dying.

Genaro Salazar López
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