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AMB12 Civic education Action Group.
What are Competing Responsibilities?
This lesson has the purpose:
Sometimes we have problems with competing responsibilities. In this lesson you learn how to identify competing responsibilities, values, and interests.
When you finish this lesson, you should be able to explain the idea of competing responsibilities. You should be able toidentify competing responsibilities, values, and interests.
Ideas to learn:
What are competing responsibilities?
(Competing: requiring the same attention or the same resources) Have you ever been in a situation in which you thought that you had more responsibilities then you could possibly handle? How did you decide which responsibility to carry out?
Can we possibly carry out all ourresponsibilities and still have time to do other things that interest us? Probably not. Often two or more responsibilities need out attention at the same time. We call these competing responsibilities.
There are two common types of problems that arise when we have to make choices about carrying out responsibilities.
1. In some situations, two responsibilities are in conflict. There might not be a way tocarry out both of them, at least not at the same time. For example Tomorrow you have a science test and a dental appointment scheduled at the same time.
2. In other situations there is a conflict between our responsibilities and other values and interests.
A value is something that is right or good that we should try to achieve: Fairness is a value. So are kindness, honesty, andloyalty. Other values include friendship, privacy, and freedom.
For instance, you see your friend cheating on the English test. Loyalty to your friends is a value you hold. This value is in conflict with your responsibility to tell the teacher when something wrong has happened in the classroom.
An interest is something is something that you want such a free time or good health
You know thatphysical exercise and good eating habits will contribute to your good health. You have a responsibility to maintain your body and to be as healthy as possible. At the same time, your interest is in reading novels all day long while drinking soda and eating chips.
Sometimes, if you decide to carry out a responsibility, you might have to sacrifice and important value or interest. At another time youmight decide no to carry out a responsibility because some other value on interest is more important to you. Sometimes it is very easy to choose among competing responsibilities, values, and interests. At other times it is not.

Solve the Problem. . .
Can you identify the competing responsibilities?
The last time we visited Sharon and her friends they were busy building their clubhouse. Rememberthat they all agreed to meet the next afternoon at 1:00. if anyone was late, they would be out of the club. Read Chapter Three of Sharon and the 16th Street Club. Then work with a partner to take a closer look at the story and answer the questions that follow it.
Sharon and the 16th Street Club
“But I have to be at Mrs. Ramirez’s house by 1:00,” Sharon pleaded with her father. “I don’t havetime for lunch! I’ll be kicked out of the club if I’m late.”
“I have a responsibility too,” her father explained. “I have to make sure you stay healthy. So take your juice and a sandwich with you. Next time we’ll start lunch earlier. I like to have company while I eat!” He gave Sharon a hug and said, “I’m glad you are making new friends and working for a good cause.”
Sharon and Watson ran to meettheir friends. They turned the corner at full speed and almost fell over a little boy. He looked about four years old. He was scared. Huge tears rolled down his cheeks. Sharon stopped and looked for his parents. But, no one was around. What competing responsibility did she Sharon have?
Sharon asked the boy his name and where he live. “I don’t know,” was all he could say through his tears. He...
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