Womens libertation

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The women's Liberation

What is it?
O The

women's Liberation is a movement that started from the beginning of the story and which continues to this day, many voices and a cry of just who wasdoing getting stronger by a group of women.

When did start the movement?
O the "second Industrial Revolution" began

in the 1870s, causing a clear acceleration of the feminist movement in thelast third of the 19th century.
O Especially in the developed countries and

because of the political, economic and social changes which they arose; arose according to historians

Where did startthe movement?
O In

England, was the so-called "Women's Liberation" movement formed by a group of women who had the audacity, at that time, to protest against discrimination against women in termsof suffrage; They demanded women's suffrage to elect the rulers. This movement rapidly became the United States and they called them "suffragettes".

Important Facts!
O The female mentality beganto change at the

beginning of the 1920s, women then begin to transform, the ultra feminine and submissive housewife takes a more masculine style, used simple clothing for work; Some cut their hair,smoke, wear pants, manly sports, drive cars, traveling independently.
O The second wave feminist is given in the

1960s, with the rise of the hippie rebellion and sexual liberation that openlypromotes sexual promiscuity and free love.

The Main Objective
O The main objectives of the feminist

movement, are still the same: the right to vote, improved education, vocational training, theopening of new horizons labour, equality of sexes in the family as a means of avoiding the subordination of women and that she may have more control over their sexuality, among others.

OSome feminist movements now accept that

men and women are "different and complementary". Already refers to a neofemenismo seeking complementarity, more than a radical equality with men. It's an...
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