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  • Publicado : 11 de diciembre de 2011
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he best tips for you to be able to understand readings of the famous Smithsonian magazine…You can!!
Withthe collaboration of renowned columnists, Smithsonian has become one of the most read research magazine around the world. Every issue puts you in touch withthe fascinating and the intriguing in arts, history, sciences and popular culture of the times. Their photos and articles take a dynamic and interactive approachto exploring our changing world.
Furthermore, I had already read an article called “The Sperm Whale’s Deadly call”, it was extremely interesting because Ihave learned how important is the spermaceti, which is the seed of the whale, that is turn into margarine, cosmetics and other vitamin supplements. I understoodthe main idea of the article because I developed certain skills to remember the reading material. Definitely, these skills are very important to achieve thegreatest benefit of the readings. For that reason, I want to share with you some suggestions and recommendations in order to understand and remember importantdetails of the articles in Smithsonian.
Besides, it is important to improve reading comprehension with pre-reading tasks, because before reading the article,ask yourself what you already know about its topic. Try to recall as much information as you can. In my case, I underline the keyword for each article. Then Isearch information about it on internet. Also, I visit the website of the magazine and look at the gallery of photos which is available for each article.
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