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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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How to Make a Bedini Monopole Energizer

A step by step guide

This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,545,444. This system charges lead acid or gel cell batteries in a unique manner. There is very little current and no heating involved. Contrary to the effects of conventional charging batteries charged with a Bedinienergizer show an increased capacity after repeated charging and they recharge more rapidly.
Mr. Bedini has made this patent information freely available and given permission for anyone to build one of these systems for their own use. John Bedini knows from experience that the only way to understand this technology is to build a system and see it in action. That is why we know they work, we have builtthem. And we have found ways to construct them using off the shelf supplies. This guide is to help those who have average skills with average tools to build this extraordinary device for themselves.
There have been comments about my efforts from those who now control the patent named above. They said I was not authorized to sell Bedini products. Well I am not selling now. I explained to themthat I would give away all the information I could. If they had a problem with that let me know. They have said nothing since.
To see a video of one of these units in action type in john54day in YOUTUBE search and watch the videos. Nothing is doctored it is all just as descirbed. I show a battery thst I rejuvenated. Then as fate would have it I had to replace the regular battery in my car and Iused the one from these videos. That was over two months ago and the battery is still going strong. So the question some ask is, “If I take a dead battery and use this system to rejuvenate it can I then use it with a conventional charging system?” In my experience the answer is yes. And I reconfirm that fact every time I start my car.
There have been thousands of hours spent in developing thissystem so others can construct them for their own experimentation and use. We strongly encourage you to copy this information and freely distribute it. Those who wish to monopolize nature’s gift of energy can only be defeated if we who are willing to share, will share it.
We have developed ways to construct them using off the shelf supplies. This guide is to help those who have average skills withaverage tools to build this extraordinary device for themselves.
We have tried to include all the information needed in this document to tell you where to buy the parts, how to put them together and start gaining first hand experience with radiant technology. To make it even easier we offer our services to assist you in building your system.
Any building or replication of these systems youdo is entirely at your own risk. No guarantees are made or implied.

Let’s Get Started!

You will need to have access to, and be able to use, the following tools:

Electric drill for making holes and driving screws
Measuring tape
Soldering iron
½ in open end wrench or medium to small crescent wrench
Hack saw
Radial or skilsaw
Hot melt glue gun
A pair of heavy duty wire cutters ortin snips
Needle nose pliers (if you have a strong grip this can also be the wire cutters)
A volt/ohm meter
Masking tape and electrical tape

Here is a diagram of what you will be building. We call it a Kitty Hawk version because it is just the beginning of your adventure into radiant energy use.
There are 5 main parts to this device. They are the coil, the rotor, the circuit, the connectingwires and the base to hold them all together.

This is a picture of an expanded version we call the Cactus Express.
This model has an amp meter attached which is not part of the kit.

Here is an overview of the 5 parts.
The coil is wound with multiple wires all the same length so it is not a conventional transformer. The first coil on the system has 5 wires all about 100 feet...
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