Before we start, be aware that this

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Before we start, be aware that this guide assumes two things: 1.) You are installing this program on a 32 bit operating system. 2.) You do not have a previous version of SolidWorks installed on your computer. This guide is basically noob proof right now, but if you are installing on a 64 bit system or have a previous version of SolidWorks installed there may be some small differences whichyou will have to work through. I recommend uninstalling any previous version of SolidWorks before installing this version. I know for a fact that if you had hacked versions of SolidWorks 2008 with COSMOS, all of the COSMOS functions will not be available in SolidWorks 2009 unless you uninstall the older version first. Let’s move on…


2. Mount the 32 bit or 64 bit SolidWorks 2009 ISO file using Alcohol120% or a similar tool. Alternatively you can also burn the image to using Nero or whatever burning software you prefer. YOU CAN ONLY USE THE 32 BIT VERSION OF SOLIDWORKS 2009 ON A 32 BIT OPERATING SYSTEM AND CAN ONLY USE THE 64 BIT VERIONS OF SOLIDWORKS2009 ON A 64 BIT OPERATING SYSTEM.

3. Once you mount the ISO image of your choosing or insert the disc you have created from the ISO image of your choosing, the SolidWorks 2009 Installation Manager will automatically start. If it does not automatically start simply double click on the virtual drive that has the ISO image mounted to it or the CD drive that has the SolidWorks 2009 disc init, or just open “sldim\sldim.exe”. Copy and paste one of the following serial numbers, it does not matter which one, then click next.


4. When you click next you will get the warning below. It is trying to check the internet to verify your serial number, but thankfully your internet is disabled. Click cancel to proceed.

5. No need torecord your serial number, because it isn’t really yours anyways! Click next to proceed.

6. Click next on the screen below.

7. Choose individual on the screen below then click next.

8. On this screen you will choose the features of SolidWorks 2009 you want to install. SolidWorks Premium is selected by default, and this selection will give you the maximum amount of features. IFYOU WANT COSMOS YOU OR API TOOLS YOU WILL HAVE TO SELECT TO INSTALL THEM HERE. Incase you were wondering, API tools is for SolidWorks environment development. Unless you are a software programmer making add-on applications for SolidWorks you probably don’t need it. Another side note, COSMOS is named “COSMOS” here during the installation, but when you start using SolidWorks it will be called“Simulation”. “Simulation” is the new “COSMOS”. More details on this subject at the end of the guide.

9. This screen lets you pick the SolidWorks toolbox location. Unless you have a tool box with a lot of stuff in it already, just leave this at its default location and click next.

10. This screen asks if you want to wait to install. Click install now if you are ready to install… It willtake about 20 min or less on a fast computer. Once you click install now a progress bar will start.

11. Once the progress bar reaches 100% the screen below will appear. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T CHECK FOR UPDATES OR PARTICIPATE IN THE CUSTOMER EXPERINECE PROGRAM. I recommend un-checking all of the boxes in this window and then click finish. Once you click finish you may be asked to restartcomputer, DON’T RESTART YET!

12. Now that the installation is complete, it is time to apply the patch. You will have to use WINRAR to unzip the crack files. After the files are unzipped select the one you need according to the version of SolidWorks you installed, either 32 bit or 64 bit. Run the patch and direct the TARGET FILE to the following path below. The file will only be in this...
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