Beowulf and gilgamesh

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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2012
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Heroic Values
Gilgamesh and Beowulf were both epic heroes from old English literature who were very recognized and remembered. “Beowulf” was translated by Burton Raffel and “Gilgamesh” was retoldby Herbet Mason. “Gilgamesh” was from ancient Mesopotamia and “Beowulf” from ancient Anglo-Saxon period. Do both epic heroes truly portray the ideals and values of an epic hero? Throughout thisessay, it will compare and contrast Beowulf and Gilgamesh similarities and differences. Although they posses many similar heroic characteristics they also differ greatly.
First of all, both of them werekings and super skilled warriors. However, that does not mean that they were both good and loyal. Beowulf since the beginning depicted his desire to help the people. On the contrary, Gilgamesh treatedhis people harshly and only wanted fame and glory. He did not have the correct balance like Beowulf had, since Gilgamesh was the other extreme. Secondly, Beowulf based his religion in Christianityand Gilgamesh based his beliefs in various gods. Whereby this is why they had different mentalities, purposes, and values.
For this reason, they were always on a quest. The main reason they went on aquest was to seek fame and eternal glory. They were greedy, irrational, and superficial since they were on their personal quest to get what they wanted. The only difference was that Beowulf hadanother purpose behind that superficial ego. He truly cared for his people and wanted to restore the peace and justice in their land. Gilgamesh did not care for his people and treated them harshly. Eventhough he lacked of courage and bravery he still demonstrated what a talented warrior he was. He mentions in his conquest with Enkidu, “We hunted together, we killed Humbaba and he Bull of Heaven.”Moreover, they both had super human skills and talents. Though Gilgamesh was half god and half man he really did not portrayed how to be one. Beowulf had more courage and bravery like when he went...
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