Bernard montgomery

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  • Publicado : 18 de noviembre de 2010
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After World War I people thought it couldn’t get worst, people took it’s time to work and fix all the mistakes and disasters from this period. And apparently all was going just fine, butas people tend to be an enigma and commit the same mistakes, do the same irrational things and hurt others, World War II appear and bring nonsense to its chaos.

But as important events occur,important people appear. And here is where we can count a lot of people who for some did well and for other did wrong.
Our character Bernard Montgomery a British Military isn’t really as important asHitler for example, but he did have an important role in this war, he won his place by a lot of battles in which most of them he manage to win, such as Alam Halfa, operation Baytown, operationoverlord, operation veritable, operation grenade, operation plunder, operation varsity, sealing of Denmark Peninsular and a lot more to talk about.

And even if history doesn’t really tells us about him asa genius it did tell us about he did know how to use the available resources around him and how this let him into success.

Egomaniac and arrogant a hard person to deal with, that was “Monty” assome know him. A character in which we will talk deeply, a character that’s story is unknown for some, a story of a military during the suffering of WWII.

He was the Allied hero during World War IIwho beat Germany's Erwin Rommel in the battle for North Africa (1942-43). A military man his entire life, Montgomery served in the infantry during World War I, distinguishing himself in battle andgetting seriously wounded in the process. Between the World Wars he trained troops and served in Ireland, India, Egypt and Palestine. His victory over Rommel at El Alamein (1942) was the first majorland victory for the Allies in the war and "Monty" became a national hero, knighted and promoted to general for his success. After driving Rommel's army all the way to Tunisia, Montgomery led the 8th...
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