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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Who Is Jesus?
Who do people think Jesus is? Do they worship Him? Is He the first thing in their everyday life? People often put Jesus aside when He should be the first thing. The website says thatpeople often answer this question based on what the Bible said about him or what the Bible said that he said about himself. People know that actually not very much historical evidence that Jesusexisted is known, but this people rely on faith and on love to him and to God. They trust in God´s word and in what he tells us about His only son. People trust in his divine love even though other peoplesay that he never existed and even though great parts of the society doesn´t believe in him. For me Jesus is my only savior and he is the one that died on the cross to forgive all of our sins. If itwasn´t for him we would be hated for our sins and all bad things we´ve done. Jesus is the emblem of God´s rule over the world and he should be first in our heart with God. He should be the one weworship and thank for his big sacrifice.

Who Jesus Said He Was
Jesus claimed to exist before his birth in Bethlehem. He claimed a unique relationship with God his Father. He claimed authority over thelives of people. He always estimated his own character. He also estimated his own teachings. He would always stick to his teachings and the missions God gave him before anything else and would saythat he was sent for that. Jesus never denied being the son of God. He always said to anyone who asked, not thinking about what they thought about Christianity, that he was God´s only son. He said thathe was the only way to heaven and to his Father.
His Humanity
* Jesus was a Jew who grew up in Nazareth, learned carpentry from his earthly father, “grew in wisdom & stature, and in favorwith God and man,” (Luke 2:52) and began a ministry throughout Israel at age 30. This shows that God was not in the need of his only son being rich or a well paid business man. He only needed someone...