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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2010
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Many people around the world are trying to find the formula to be successful and reach their curriculum goals. Obviously, the success is something very difficult to measure or define because isdifferent for all the people. Thus, a lot people want to live or study abroad to reach their personal goals such as better education or just to meet new places and new people, no matter what the reason isfor take that decision, is very important to speak another language. There are a number of advantages of studying another language and becoming bilingual. You can get a number of benefits of beingbilingual in various aspects such as curriculum advantages, cultural benefits, employment advantages, communication advantages and tolerance of other languages and cultures.
Certainly, the bilingualpeople can have some specific advantages in thinking. They have two or more words for each idea and object. Hence, a bilingual person can develop a creative thinking and an ability to think moreflexibly. The bilinguals are aware about what words should used depending on the situation and with which kind of persons are talking. Many tests have proven that the bilinguals are better at IQ tests ascompared to the people that only speak one language.
Moreover, for those who want to study abroad is very important study another language. For example, all the people that wants to study in Canada apost graduate or a degree first need to study English and become bilingual. Consequently, pass the Toefl or IELST test is mandatory to be accepted in university or in a college.
Another importantbenefit of bilingual people is that they are able to travel to others countries by themselves without help of anybody else. So, the bilinguals will be exposed to meet different music, history and folkstories, literature and poetry in different cultures, and they will be able to speak with confidence with the native people from those places.
Being bilingual offers potential employment...
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