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Full name: Republic of Colombia
Location: Norther South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Panana and Venezuela, and bordering the Nortth Pacific Ocean, Ecuador ans Panana.
ImportantsCities: Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, and one of the beautiful place in all Colombia is; Cartagena. (where is; the pla
Area: total area: 1,138,910 sq Km. More than three times the size ofGermany.
Borders: total 7,408 Km, Brazil, 1,643 Km, Ecuador 590 Km, Panana 225 Km, Peru 2,900 Km, Venezuela 2,050 Km
Coastline: 3,208 Km
Climate: tropical along coast and eastern plains; cooler inhiglands
Terrain: flat castal lowlands, central higlands, high Andes Mountains, easter lowland plains
Natural resources: petroleum, narural gas, coal, iron ore, nickel, gold copper, emeralds
Land use:arable land; 4%. Permanent crops: 2%. Meadows and pasture: 29%. Forest and woodland: 49%. Other: 16%
Population: 36,200,000
Age structure: 0-14 years: 32% (female 5,784,010; male 5,925,600)15-64 years: 63% (female 888, 358; male 714,178) (July 1995 est.)
Etnic divisions: mestizo 58%, european 20%, mulato 14%, african 4%, mixed african-indian 3%, india 1%
Religions: Roman Catholic 95%Land capital: Bogota
Independence holiday: 20 July 1810 (Spain)
Exports: commodities: peroleum, coffe, coal, bananas, fresh cut flowers. pantners: US, EC, Japan,Venezuela.
Imports: industrial equipment, transportation equipment, conssumer goods, chemical, paper products
Industries: textiles, food proccessing, oil, clothing and footwear, beverages,chemicals, metal products, cement; minig - gold, coal, esmeralds, iron, nickel, silver, salt.
Agriculture: crops makes up two-thirds and agricultural output; climate and soil permit a wide variety of crop,such as; Coffe, rice, tobacco, corn, sugarcane, cocoa beans, oilseeds, vegetables; forest products and shrimp farming are becoming more important.
Currency: 1 Colombian peso


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