Biografia de vicente guerrero en ingles

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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2011
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○•Biography Vicente Guerrero•○
The insurgent Vicente Guerrero was born in Tixtla (current state of Guerrero) in August 1782, and was shot in Cuilapan (Oaxaca) in 1831. Meet here the biography ofthe character of our Independence!
Dedicated to the armory Vicente Guerrero joined the independence movement was still very young coming to the fore as a soldier in 1812 at the Battle of Izúcar(Puebla). Join Jose Maria Morelos and Oaxaca making it receives from the task of organizing the rebellion in the south of Puebla. Manufactures gunpowder, artillery fuses and swells his troops, which bringshim resounding military victories.In 1815 leads and protects the Congress of Chilpancingo to Tehuacan. After the death and imprisonment of the principal leaders, Vicente Guerrero continues to attackthe royalists. Armijo defeat in 1818 and obtained a large booty of war that allows you to build an army to reinstate the government created by Morelos. In 1819, Viceroy Apodaca sent Guerrero'sfather to convince him to disarm in exchange for great privileges, but the chief refuses.
That's when the viceroy asked Agustin de Iturbide, then realistically, going to offer a pardon, but he proposesto Vicente Guerrero recognize the independence of Mexico in exchange for establishing a monarchy constitutes the recognition of the equality of all Mexicans and the declaration of the Catholic faithas the only religion.
Vicente Guerrero and Iturbide were interviewed and both agreed he was also proclaimed el Plan of Iturbide Trigarante as army chief. In 1823, when deposed Iturbide, Guerrero as asubstitute part of the triumvirate that assumed executive power. He becomes head of the Rite Yorker and in 1828 joins the Plan Agreed to remove President Manuel Gómez Pedraza. Congress appointed himpresident of Mexico in January 1829, position eight months during which faces serious problems as raised by the expulsion of the Spanish in Mexico, the United States offer to buy Texas, which...
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