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Gabriela Mistral

Subject: English
Grade: 7th grade


Lucila de Maria del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga, known by his pen name Gabriela Mistral (April 7, 1889 - January 10, 1957) was a prominent poet, diplomat and educator Chile. Gabriela Mistral, one of the leading figures of the Chilean and Latin American literature, is the first LatinAmerican person and first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, received in 1945.

Daughter of Juan Jerónimo Godoy Villanueva, professor, and Petronilla Alcayaga Rojas,Gabriela Mistral vasca.1 descent born in Vicuña, a city where today there is a museo2dedicated to her on the street where he lived and which now bears his name. Ten days afterher parents took her to La Union (Pisco Elqui), buthis "dear people"as she herself said,was Montegrande, where he lived for three to nine years, and where requested to give himburial.
His paternal grandparents, originally from the current region of Antofagasta, and Isabelwere Gregorio Godoy Villanueva, and maternal Alcayaga Francisco and Lucia RojasBarraza Miranda, descendants of families owning land inthe Valley of Elqui.GabrielaMistral had half sister, was his first teacher, Emelina Alcayaga Molina, whose father wasRosendo Molina Rojas.
Although his father left home when she was about three years, Gabriela Mistral loved himand always defended him. Note that "shuffling papers, found some of his verses," verybeautiful. ""These verses from my father, the first I read, sparked my poetic passion, wrote.
At 15 years of platonic lovewith Alfredo Videla Pineda, rich and handsome man, more than 20 years her senior, with whom he corresponded for nearly a year and a half. After Romeliomet Ureta, a railway
official. It took a till in the railroad where he worked to help a friend, ashe could not return, Ureta committed suicide. Later, following his victory in the Floral Gameswith Sonnets of Death, verses related to the suicide myth wasborn, which was widely publicized, the great love between them.
In 1904 he began working as an assistant professor in the School of the Company Baja inLa Serena and begins to send contributions to the journal serenense The Coquimbo. The following year he continues to write and La Voz de Elqui de Vicuña.

On December 12, 1914 he won first prize in the literature of the Floral Games organized by the date inSantiago, for his Sonnets of Death. 
From then used the pen name Gabriela Mistral in almost all his writings, in homage to two of his favorite poets, Gabriele D'Annunzio Italian and French Frédéric Mistral. In 1917 Julio Molina Núñez and Juan Agustin Araya published one of the most important anthologies of Chile, Forest Opera, where Lucila Godoy longer appears as one of the great Chilean poet.Thispublication is the latest you use your real name. 
Served as inspector at the Lyceum in La Serena. He was also prominent educator, visited Mexico, the United States and Europe studying schools and education in these countries.Was a visiting professor at universities in Barnard, Middlebury and Puerto Rico. 
The fact that he lived from Antofagasta, in the far north to the port of Punta Arenas atthe southern end, where he directed his first high school and encouraged the city life, the brand forever. Their attachment to Punta Arenas was also due to his relationship with Laura Rodig, who lived in that city. But the writer could not stand it Elqui polar climate. Therefore, requested a transfer, and in 1920 moved to Temuco, from where it departed en route to Santiago in 1921. During his stayin the Araucanía met a young man named Neftali Reyes, who later became known worldwide as Pablo Neruda. 
Gabriela Mistral was hoping for a fresh challenge after leading two schools of poor quality.Oposit and won the prestigious post of director of Liceo Santiago No. 6, but the teachers did not receive it, criticizing their lack of professional studies. 
Desolation, considered his...
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