Biography ernesto "che" guevara

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Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Ernesto "Che" Guevara lived between 1928 and 1967. He was born in Argentina and became a doctor. However, his political opinions ledhim to become one of history’s best-known freedom fighters. His role in the Cuban revolution made him, and the image of his face, famous forever. He wascaptured and executed in Bolivia after starting an unsuccessful revolution.

As a young medical student, Guevara went on a motorbike tour of Latin America. Theextreme poverty he witnessed transformed him. He became a fierce opponent of capitalism, which he said created great inequality. He went to Guatemala andhelped draw up many social reforms, until the Guatemalan government was overthrown. Following this, Guevara decided to fight against social injustice everywhere.He went to Mexico, where he met another revolutionary Fidel Castro. He joined with Castro and became a military leader in a guerilla force that invadedCuba. Guevara’s tactics played a key role in the successful overthrow of the US-backed Cuban dictator Batista.
Guevara became president of Cuba’s nationalbank. He also wrote a comprehensive manual on guerilla warfare, which is still studied today.

Che Guevara remains one of the icons of the 20th Century. AnAlberto Korda photograph of him entitled ‘Guerilla Hero’ was named as "the most famous photograph in the world". Even though he hated commercialism, his image hasappeared on every kind of product imaginable. Today, his profile is still largely associated with revolution and fighting for the rights of the poor.