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Ricklefs, The Economy of Nature Ch 02

Water has many unusual properties, but one of these is necessary for life as we know it. Which property is it? 
 A) Over 500 times as much energy must beadded to evaporate a quantity of water as to raise its temperature by 1°C.
 B) Water is most dense at 4°C.
 C) No other common substance at the surface of the earth is liquid.
 D) Water conducts heatrapidly.

Which of the following properties of water makes it resistant to the movement of organisms? 
 A) Water conducts heat rapidly.
 B) Water is most dense at 4°C.
 C) Water is capable ofdissolving a wide array of substances.
 D) Water has high viscosity.

Rivers and streams passing through areas of limestone bedrock have high concentrations of which of the following? 
 A) sodium(Na+) and chlorine (Cl-)
 B) magnesium (Mg2+) and sulfate (SO42+)
 C) zinc (Zn2+) and copper (Cu2+)
 D) calcium (Ca2+) and bicarbonate (HCO3-)

What would we expect to find if we determined theacidity/alkalinity of a river or stream passing through an area of limestone bedrock? 
 A) somewhat alkaline condition
 B) neutral condition
 C) somewhat acidic condition
 D) highly acidic conditionWhich of the following kinds of organisms assimilate oxidized forms of carbon, which they reduce chemically using energy derived from other chemical reduction reactions? 
 A) all heterotrophs
 B)all autotrophs
 C) photoautotrophs
 D) chemoautotrophs

Which of the following combinations of resource availability is characteristic of terrestrial plants? 
 A) abundant inorganic carbon,scarce oxygen
 B) abundant inorganic carbon, abundant oxygen
 C) scarce inorganic carbon, scarce oxygen
 D) scarce inorganic carbon, abundant oxygen

Diatoms, aquatic photosynthetic protists, requirein abundance an element not required by all organisms. Which of the following elements is it? 
 A) nitrogen
 B) phosphorus
 C) potassium
 D) silicon

Which of the following elements is...
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