Biology recuperatory work-feeding marce curzi

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Biology Recuperatory Paper-Feeding
Point A
1-The main Types of food substance are:
* Mineral
* Vitamins
* Carbohydrates
* Proteins
* Lipids
* Water
I think thatgroup of molecules are also the major constituents of the bodies of all living organisms on the planet because they can be found in lots of food such as eggs, meats, and vegetables.
2/5. Theatoms that form the molecules of the three major groups of food substances are determine like this:
* Carbohydrates: There molecule is divided in three kinds of atoms Carbon(C), Hydrogen (H), and Oxygen (O). The Molecular Formula of this substance is C6H12O6. They are made of Simple Sugars (monosaccharides).
* Proteins: As Carbohydrates, proteins contain Carbon (C),Hydrogen (H), and Oxygen (O) but they also contain Nitrogen (N), and small amounts of Sulphur (S).Like polysaccharides, protein molecules are made of long chains of smaller molecules (Amino Acids)joined end to end. The Molecular Formula of this substance is C2H5O2N1.
* Fats (Lipids): Like Carbohydrates, fats contain only three kinds of atom, Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), and Oxygen (O). A fatmolecule is made of four molecules joined together. One of these is glycerol. Attached to the glycerol are three long molecules called fatty acids.
3. The difference between Carbohydrates andLipids is, there solubility in water the Carbohydrates are soluble and the Lipids are Insoluble.
4. The elements that we can only find in proteins atoms are the Nitrogen, and small amounts ofSulphur.

Type | Carbohydrates | Lipids | Proteins | Vitamins | Minerals | Water |
Functions | Easily available energy. | Storage of energy, insulation. | Making cells,antibodies,Enzymes;only used for energy when all other stores have run out. | To keep the cells lining the respiratory system healthy. Keep Tissues in good repair. Help calcium and phosphate to be used for making...
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