Bird castle

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2011
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Kristianstads Vattenrike is indeed a very rich area with its wetlands, streaming rivers, dry grasslands and forests. No less than 35 different species of fish have been caught in the River Helgeå and 225 species of birds have been observed in the area. More than 100 of these species, several of them in the national redlist of endangered species, nest within or adjacent to thewetlands. To be able to tell the world about this favoulus area we want to build an exhibition center, The BirdCastle. This Museum will provide a point of entry to the biosphere reserve, where locals, tourists, conference guests, schoolchildren, researchers and others can meet and experience nature just a stone’s throw from the city – a fascinating introduction to exploring the biosphere reserve.About 20 km upstream lie the ruins of another castle complex, Lillö Castle. In its heyday, this five storey high castle was even bigger than Glimminge hus in the south of Sweden. Lillö Castle was built on a low hill of solid ground and surrounded by protective, far-reaching wetlands. 
In the fourteenth century Lillö Castle was built among the natural defences offered by the inaccessible marshlandsand the River Helge å. The castle was destroyed in 1658–59. Today, displays inside the castle based on the finds made during various archaeological digs reflect life here in days gone by. Display panels in the courtyard provide information on the castle and its surroundings. A key is available from the tourist office in Kristianstad to gain admission to the castle.


we arepresenting this project to all the parts involved in the Kristianstad Vattenriket project, becouse we think is socially, environmentally and turisticicly interesting to build this museum. with the efforts and money of the parts involved the aims is to transform the actual lillö Castle into the Kristianstad BirdCastle.
although kristianstad comunity had a very ancient birdwachingculture, there is always been a lack of technical equipment and stablished area to be able to have an completa experience
as we are workin in a project that is going to be a part of the biosphere reserve and a historically relevant building we hope that is going to wake up the interest of all parts involved. Working in coperation all together in the most sustaneble way we believed to makethis BirdCastle real.

since the lillö castle is locatted in the heart of the kristianstaad vattenriket wetlands, there are a few considerations to pay attention to. the protection of the habitat of the birds is our main worry so we need to aboid the massification of people, big landscape alteration and visual impact.

Our project for theconstructión of the visitor center consist on repairing and refreshing the old building, by adding another level with big windows. To be able to give acces to a wider audience we plan on building a better walking road and a bike line, as well as incrrease the parking capacity. To keep the cirulation of people we also plan to include a ecological restaurant and museum shop. (worth it)

Nowadays the Lilló castle area consists in a one floor building, some trees surronding the entrance and the only way to get there is an old farming road. in order to build our project we will have to consider these cost effects:

-remove temporary road :250.000 kr
-build special bike road: 1000 kr
-build one more floor: 800.000kr
-one worker: (care of the building, attend the visitors)-equipment to watch birds: 10.000kr
-information pannels: 5000 kr
-parking: 10.000kr
-toilet: 1000 kr
-adapt the landscape: remove the trees: 5000 kr
-restaurant: 150.000 kr

I0=1.233.000 kr

NPV= (FV1/(1+k))+(FV2/(1+k)^2)+(FV3/(1+k)^3)-I0

V1:300.000 not very high vañue becouse: is new, not very well know for people,
V2: 700.000 second year
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