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  • Publicado : 10 de enero de 2012
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Step by step guide to chat on using mIRC - the user friendly way 1) start mIRC using the shortcut on your desktop

2) go to the menu tools , options

3) select connect , fill thenickname field with your jtv username , no need to fill the other 3 boxes (name and password you use to connect via a irc client are the same that you use to do it via the browser)

4) if it is not openyet , click on the + next to connect to show more options , click on servers then in the add button , there you will see the list of servers by default mIRC has when you install it , if you only planto use it on then you can select the folder icons and click delete to remove each server

5) here fill the description (anything you want there , is just something to you know what serveryou are using) , irc server( there goes the server for the channel you want to connect , ex : ) , ports (leave the default 6667 ) , nothing for group , then the password (youneed to type that for each server) , then click add to save the server

6) now you highlight the server you just created (the name you give it in the description before) , and click select

7) youare again in the connect part , click the "connect" button

8) you see now the MOTD (message of the day) read that at least once has some useful info , also the mirc favorites dialog , click add ,fill channel with the name of the channel you want to go , if for the server you used was ,then here is #carlitosbahia (don't forget the # there) , and click in the ok button ,select the channel from the list and click join

9) now you are in the chat

10) every time you want to connect to a new channel for the first time , repeat from step 4) to 8) 11) if you want tobe in more than one chat at the same time using mirc and you repeat this same procedure , you will be kicked from the one you are connected first so you need to connect in a different way still...
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