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Summer came and took me by surprise, laughing as we gaze under the moon you kissed me and it never felt too soon..its the first kiss its flawless, really something its fearless.. Holding hands nevermade me feel this way so special, boy it’s your smile.. You are my baby love you make the sun come up, you are my everything that I could ever dream of.. And I don’t ever want to be with no one elseyou are the only one that ever made me melt.. It’s like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you it’s one in a million the chances of feeling the way we do..What we have is worthfighting for you know I believe that we are meant to be..But you are so hypnotizing you´ve got me laughing while I sing you´ve got me smiling in my sleep ..A whole new world that’s were well be athrilling chase a wondrous place for you and me ..How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you? Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?..Im falling even more in love with you .. imhanging by a moment here with you..I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever..I know we are gonna make it cause no one else can make me feel the way that youdo, I promise you..Lucky I’m in love with my best friend..So close was waiting, waiting here with you and now forever I know all that I want is to hold you so close, so close to reaching that famoushappy end almost believing this one is not pretend and now you are beside me and look how far we´ve come so far, we are, so close..Just hang around and you’ll see there’s nowhere I’d rather be if youlove me trust in me, the way that I trust in you..I thought I could resist you, thought that I was strong somehow you were different from what I’ve known I didn’t see you coming you took me bysurprise and you stole my heart before I could say no ..I´ve found a reason for me to change who I used to be a reason to start over new and the reason is you.. One more thing I thought I’d share with...
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