Bottled bacteria

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Sharai Zamora
8th Pd
Bottled Bacteria

Question being addressed
Will bacteria be most likely to grow in disposable water bottle or in reusable?
Engineering Goals:
This project willbe conducted to raise awareness on the risks that we’re exposed to when we reuse a disposable water bottle.
Bacteria will be most likely to stay in the plastic water bottle rather than inthe reusable water bottle since that is the one designed to work in such a way.
3 Disposable water bottles 3 Reusable water bottles
Timer Agar
6 Petri Dishes Inoculating loopsSterile Q-tips Test subject
1. Three brand new re-usable water bottles will be purchased as well as three brand new plastic disposable water bottles with the same capacity as thereusable bottle. One brand new reusable water bottle and one disposable water bottle will be left alone setting them as the control.
2. The second disposable bottle will be drained and refilledwith tap water and the second reusable bottle will be filled with tap water as well. Later a person will drink the water from both bottles. Repeat this step up to five times with two-hour intervalswithout washing between uses.
3. On the second day use the third set of bottles and do same procedure as the one above with the exception of washing between uses with one kind of soap only.
Examine the bottles and take a count for the amount of bacteria in the four bottles tested, while using the two untouched bottles as the control. Graph the results, and analyze.

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