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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2011
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The brain is the most complex organ of the human body and it’s a mystery too. As many of you know this organ is very important because its in charge of controlling our movements, the bits of our heart, our blood pressure.
On the other hand its also responsible of our feelings, memory, learning and creativity, nowadays, there is no computer or machine that can do this.
Our body canstill alive without the brain and our heart, liver, lungs, kidneys can still working but when the brain breaks down we can’t say that we are still alive.
As I already said the brain is a big mystery, there are a lot of things that are still unknown for us like: the origin of consciousness, how we keep memories, the subconscious, or the connection between mind and body.

Well, the brain weight is1.5 kg and it has the same structure as the brains of other mammals, the size of man brain is a little bit bigger than a woman’s brain (1130 cubic cm.
(cm3) en women y 1260 cm3 men, never the less it could vary.

Our brain is divided in to hemispheres and each one is divided in 4 lobes:

About both hemispheres:

Although, the left and the right hemispheres are split over there are fewdifferences between them. The thing with them is that they complete to each other and sometimes when we have an accident and we lose a function of one of both hemispheres the other replace that function, it’s like an orchestra playing because it’s working simultaneously. This ability is exclusive for the human being. Our brain has specialized in this way because our logic and language needs more orderedand sophisticated thinking processes.

There are many theories of how each hemisphere affects the way of thinking of each person but there is one that is the most accepted:

It depends if you are left or right handed. People who is right handed dominates their left hemisphere (they follow a lineal sequence)and left handed people is the other way around, they control their right hemisphere (and they follow a visual sequence).

An example: Lets imagine a thousand of popcorns and there is a red popcorn. A person who follows a lineal sequence is going to see one per one until he or she found the red one and a person who follow a visual sequence is going to see the bunch of popcorn and maybe is going to found the red popcorn faster. I’m not saying that one sequence is better than theother one, they are different and both have positive sides. The first one is more analytic and the second one is synthesizing.

Occipital Lobe (RED): The visual cortex resides and this is involved in our ability to see and recognize what we are looking.

Parietal Lobe (YELLOW): This lobe plays an important role in processing sensorial information, its also in charge of recognizing numbers andobjects.

Temporal lobe (GREEN): The principal function that resides in this lobe is memory; the dominant lobe is in charge of remembering names and words of objects. The non-dominant lobe is involved in our visual memory (faces, places, pictures all what we see).

Frontal Lobe (BLUE): the frontal lobe is involved with impulse control, our judgment, language production, short term memory, movingfunctions, sexual behavior and socialization. Both frontal lobes control and plan our behavior.

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