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The creation of a brand image for a company is one of the most difficult things that must face when it is trying to launch a new product to the market.Now with all the new products and thousands of competitors is more and more difficult to compete with all the brands that are similar to yours and is also difficult to find or create a uniqueattribute or benefit to use as the major selling idea.
One of the examples for this is how Marlboro who has worldwide presence has been distinguished and able to maintain in the top of the most successfulbrands of cigarettes, even when the competitors have increased significantly over the last decade and still.
But what is the recipe to have a successful and recognized presence in the market? Of courseit is the creativity!!! The creative strategy used to sell these products is based on the development of a strong, memorable identity for the brand through image advertising. And never forget thatthe creativity is what gives brands their traction in the market place.
As much time as you spend trying to find a creative and unique strategy for your product is as much as the possibilities to findthe correct one will increase. Like –David Ogilvy said “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image”.
All those responsible for thecreation of the brand image of the product need to understand that the “key” to successful image advertising is developing an image that will appeal to product users.
Image advertising has becomeincreasingly popular and is used as the main selling idea for a variety of products and services, including soft drinks, liquor, cigarettes, cars, airlines, financial services, perfume/colognes and clothing.One of the best examples is the fastest successful “drink” called Vitamin Water, whose is firstly endorsed for the famous rap artist known as 50 Cent who obtained 10% share of the company as part...
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