Brazil history

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Music of Brazil
Strong influences on the music of Brazil come from many parts of the world, but there are very popular regional music styles influenced by African and European forms. After 500 yearsof history the brazilian music developed some unique and original styles like choro,sertanejo or caípira music from são paulo state,forró, frevo, samba (in a lot of styles), bossa Nova, MPB,Brazilian rock and others.
Samba is no doubt the best known form of Brazilian music worldwide, though bossa nova and other genres have also received much attention abroad. All genres of Brazilian musicformed a solid tradition.
Folk music: Drum known as Ilú used in Xambá religion in PernambucoThe earliest music in what is now Brazil must have been that of the native peoples of the area. Little is knownabout their music, since no written records exist of this era. With the arrival of Europeans, Brazilian culture began to take shape as a synthesis of native musical styles with Portuguese music andAfrican music.
Indigenous music: Main article: Indigenous Brazilian music The native peoples of the Brazilian rainforest play instruments including whistles, flutes, horns, drums and rattles. Much ofthe area's folk music imitates the sound of the Amazon Rainforest. When the Portuguese arrived in Brazil, the first natives they met played an array of reed flutes and other wind and percussioninstruments. The Jesuit missionaries introduced songs which used the Tupi language with Christian lyrics, in an attempt to convert the people to Christianity,and also introduced Gregorian chant and theflute, bow, and the clavichord.

Popular music
The field of Brazilian popular music can be traced back to the 1930s, when radio spread songs across the country. Popular music included instruments likecuicas, tambourines, frying pans, flutes, guitars and the piano. The most famous singer, Carmen Miranda, eventually became an internationally-renowned Hollywood film star. Her songwriter was Ary...
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