Bulinmia nervosa

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  • Publicado : 30 de junio de 2010
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Bulimia Nervosa

Now days, there are a lot of influences of the media which make lifestyle complicated in some moments. In other words, media shows how womanneed to be, if they want to be considerate as perfect or beautiful. So, this originates with frequency the bulimia nervosa. Moreover, there are other facts wichrefers to family or personal problems.

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by recurrent binge eating, followed by compensatory behaviors as defensivevomiting or the excessive use of laxatives, enemas, diuretics, and over exercising are also common. This behavior starts with a compulsive eating; because theperson is anxious and hungry, but at the same time there is the idea of avoid eating to not get fat. So, when the person is uncontrolled, starts eating compulsively andthen feels guilty about the situations and throw up.

Usually, these episodes happened when there is low self-esteem that can be originated by the media with theskinny models that are considerate as the most beautiful women ever. On the other hand, this can be cause by family and personal problems, as it was said on thebeginning. For example, sometimes teen agers show these eating disorders as a sign of help for the family. Also, there is a huge probability that if this people isnot helped, the can achieve the death.

In conclusion, Bulimia is an eating disorder that need to be treat as soon as possible when it is detected to avoid extremecases. Also, is important to recognize the different aspect than can cause this de disorder to prevent Bulimia and help people to go ahead with their lives.
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