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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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I read that a veterinarian in my neighborhood was looking for someone who could help him in the clinic every afternoon after 7:00 pm. Since I love animals so much, I think this would be agreat job opportunity for me. I’m in my senior year oh high school and I feel I should get some experience in the area I like. I’ve established that I’m the best person for this position. Ihave the qualities necessary for this position.

One of the qualities that I have is my love for animals. I would give anything to save their lives and I would do anything for the animalsto make them feel good and comfortable. I like to watch for them and take care of them whenever is needed. Their health is be my top priority

I’m interested in obtaining this positionbecause I would like to have some experience working in an animal clinic since I would like to be a veterinarian someday. I will develop skills required to be what I want to be in the future.For me the animal’s health comes before anything else. This job will help me a lot in my future and it would bring me an idea of what will I be dealing with. I like to diagnose and preventdiseases in animals.

In recent years, technology has advanced greatly in the diagnosis of animals. Being a veterinarian is not just a fad or a job which leaves a lot of money is beyond thatit’s a vocation like at the priesthood. A veterinarian must have love for animals. I’m a responsible and I love the job so I’ll commit to give the veterinarian the best of me for the wellbeing of the animals.

To conclude my love for animals makes me take care of this health. The life of an animal is very important. At a clinic I can acquire the necessary experience to usein the future. Study hard to be a great veterinarian. I’m responsible in my work and my studies I could get this job. I would be grateful, service you’ll be helping me for future goals.
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