Cabañal y egipto

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  • Publicado : 19 de mayo de 2011
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Luis Belenguer Bermejo 2BC
First of all, I have to say that Cabanyal is changing little by little, but we must think if that changes are necessary or not. Because ofthat, I will explain my opinion about this topic.
On the one hand, there are new high buildings, a new racing circuite near the neighbourhood.. The mayor of Partido Popular Rita Barberá wants to makelonger Av. Blasco Ibañez until the sea, but, why she wants to do it? Is she worried by people that live in this area?
The real fact is government only wants to get money by that buildings and forattracting foreigners but she is not considering that she is destroying the indentity and culture of Cabanyal.
To conclude, I think we have to fight for avoiding that people with power could get theirtarget and we must still going to strikes for showing us against their attitudes. It's the only way for changing things: the next step is to congregate many people for concerning the government."EGYPT"
First of all, we can say some days ago it happened a real and historical fact. Egyptians are victorious because Mubarack, the president of Egypt has gone out and he resigned the power.
In myopinion, egyptians were good fighters because they were been 18 days declaring their opposition to the regime ruled by Hosni Mubarack, a president who turned Egypt into a dictatorship with an abuse ofrepression against the opposition and corruption between high power people.
On the one hand, the revolution suffered negative consequences. For example, there were a lot of deaths and a lot ofinjured people because of the fighting protestors between pro-Mubarack and anti-Mubarack. Firstly, egyptians wanted to be paceful but the policemen represe against them. We can say revolution started withwebpages such as Facebook where demonstrators took place for congregating. Besides this, Obama had supported egyptians until the beginning of the revolution for getting the democracy.
Personally, it...