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Anaconda® Brand Mining-Grade Cables
Anaconda® Brand Type G-GC Power, Round Portable w/Ground-Check, EPR/CPE 7 Anaconda® Brand Type G Plus GC Power, Round Portable w/Extensible Ground-Check, EPR/CPE 8 Anaconda® Brand Type SHD Power, Flat Portable w/Ground, EPR/CPE 9 Anaconda® Brand Type SHD-GC Power, Shielded Round Portable w/GroundCheck, EPR/CPE

Anaconda® Brand—when it comes toreliability and performance in a mining cable, one name stands alone. Anaconda® Brand—the world’s premier extra-heavy-duty mininggrade cable. Engineered to endure the most severe and extreme demands of the toughest mining applications. In a class by itself, Anaconda Brand sets the industry’s highest performance standard by which all others are measured. With a reinforced, two-layer, lead-curedthermoset jacket, Anaconda Brand mining cables provide for the ultimate in protection against the worst hazards and give new meaning to dependable, durable and reliable. When the very best is a basic requirement, there is only one preferred choice, Anaconda Brand mining cables. Our Anaconda Brand mininggrade products carry a full range of listings and certifications with MSHA and the Canadian StandardAssociation. In addition, the products meet or exceed the requirements of ICEA S75-381 Portable and PowerFeeder Cables for use in mines and similar applications.

The advantage of General Cable’s experience and expertise in mining cable technology continues to provide practical benefits over the entire life cycle of a particular cable in a specific application. Better design and construction, moreadvanced materials and process technology, and more reliable performance over a longer time all result in lower cost per ton. Whatever the specific requirement, General Cable can provide the best performance and best cost solution for any mining application.


Anaconda® Brand Type SHD Plus GC Power, Shielded Round Portable w/Extensible GroundCheck, EPR/CPE 11

Anaconda® Brand TypeSHD-PCG (Longwall) Power, Index Page Shielded Round Portable w/Monitor and/or Control Anaconda® Brand Type W Conductor(s), EPR/CPE 12-13 Power, Flat Parallel Portable w/o Ground, EPR/CPE 2 Anaconda® Brand Type SHD-GC Power, Shielded ® Anaconda Brand Type W Round Portable w/GroundPower, Flat Parallel Portable, Check, EPR/CPE 14-17 EPR/CPE 3 Anaconda® Brand Type MP-GC ® Anaconda Brand Type W (Uniblend®EPR), Mine Power Power, Round Portable, Feeder w/Ground-Check, EPR/CPE 4 EPR/CPE 18-21 Anaconda® Brand Type G Power, Flat Parallel Portable w/Ground, EPR/CPE Anaconda® Brand Type MP-GC, Mine Power Feeder w/Ground5 Check, XLPE/PVC 22

Anaconda® Brand Type G-GC Power, Flat Parallel Portable w/Ground-Check, EPR/CPE 6


Mining-Grade Cable


Anaconda® Brand Type W Power, Flat ParallelPortable w/o Ground, EPR/CPE 2000 Volts 90˚C, Two Conductor
Product Construction Conductor:
• 4 AWG thru 4/0 AWG coated annealed copper, bunched wires, rope-lay-stranded per ASTM B172

• Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) insulation colored (black and white)

• Extra-heavy-duty, lead-cured Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

• Flat construction provides maximumresistance to damage from crushing and runovers • D-shaped insulation prevents conductors from shifting under the jacket • Excellent physical toughness and heat stability • Excellent heat, moisture, steam, oil, chemical, radiation and compression cut resistance • Flexible for easy handling • Resists cutting, impact, abrasion, flame and sunlight • Excellent thermal stability and physical propertiesover a broad temperature range

• ICEA S75-381 Portable and Power Feeder Cables for use in mines and similar applications • Meets flame test requirements and is accepted for listing by MSHA • Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection • Manufactured in accordance with CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 96 Portable Power Cables and is certified by Natural Resources Canada...
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