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English 4 guide

1 Present continuous or simple?

At work Mark is talking to Alan in the corridor. Complete their conversation.
Put in the present continuous or simple of the verbs.The first 2 are done for you

Mark : Are you looking (you / look) for someone?
Alan: Yes, / need (I / need) to speak to Neil. He isn't in his office.
Mark: (1) _______he is talking ______ (he /talk) to the boss at the moment.
(2) __I think______ (I / think) (3) they are discussing about (they / discuss) money.
Alan: Oh, right. And what about you? (4) _are you looking _ (you / look) forsomeone too?
Mark: Yes, Linda. (5___Do you know__ (you / know) where she is?
Alan: Oh, she isn't here today. She only (6) _works__ (work) four days a week. (7) _she doesn’t work__ (she / not /work) on Fridays. She'll be here on Monday.
Mark: Thank you. (8) _you know_________ (you / know) a lot about Linda.
Alan: Well, most days (9_i give_(I / give) her a lift,
or(10) _______she gives(she / give) me one. (11_she lives___(she / live)quite close to me. (12) _____It Saves_ (it / save) petrol.
Mark: Yes, of course. Good idea. Yes, (13) . I Agree____ (1/ agree).
Well, (14) ___I’llwaste____ (I / waste) my time here then. I'll get back to my computer.

2. Now complete the following sentences with the present simple or continuous

1 ______It’s snowing (it / snow) outside. _Itcomes__ (it / come) down quite hard,look.

2 Normally ..I started...... (I / start) work at eight o'clock,but __I start_______(I / start) at seven this week. We're very busy at the moment.

3 Ihaven't got a car at the moment, so. _I’ll go_____ (I / go) to work on the bus this week. Usually ___I drive____ (I / drive) to work.

4 The sun ____Rises_ (rise) in the east, remember. It's behind usso
__We are traveling___ (we / travel) west.

5 I'm afraid I have no time to help just now __I’ll Wrote______ (I / write) a report. But __I promise_____ (I / promise) I'll give you some help...
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