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POLITECNICA LITORAL ESCUELA SUPERIOR DEL Extranjeras Centrode Lenguas CELEX ESPOL Advanced A vl Questions




I. Readitg Section (20 marks)
Read the newspaper article.

38 million Animals a Year StolenFrom Brazil
By Axel Bugge Pricesfetchedabroadvary from 560,000for a rare Lear's BRASILIA, MondayNovemberl2 (Reuters) Criminalssteal Macaw parrot to $20,000fora poisonousJararaca snake. an estimated million animalsfrom Brazil'sforestseachyear, According to the report, a Jaguar 38 skin can be bought for the first full report on animal trafficking in the country showed 520.000in the United States. on Monday. Parrotsand parakeets all speciescan be bought of The report, producedby Brazil'sNational Network Against +he throughoutBrazil at town fairs andmarkets,usuallytaken Trafficking of Wild Animals (RENCTAS),estimated that local illegally from their naturalhabitats.Birds sold locally fetch traffickersof endangeredanimals earnabout$l billion ayeaÍ, between$5 to $100,while rare breedsshipped abroadsell causinguntold losses the country'snaturalhabitat. to for much more. Flavia Morad, a RENCTAS biologistwho helpedproducethe report, said the survey wasthe first that combinesall data on animaltrafficking in Brazil, a countrywith the largestnumber in of animaland plant species the world. Apart from the Amazon, the world's largesttropical forest,Brazil's vast Pantanal wetlandsare also hometo countlessanimalsand plants. The report said that animal trafficking was the world's third biggestcross-border criminal activity after armsand drugssmuggling, with annualglobalsales up to $20 billion. of The government, which receiveda copy of the repoft,said it was going to extendto other parts of the country an operation underwayin the stateof Minas Geraisencouraging consumers to buy animalsat streetmarkets. not EnvironmentMinisterJoseSarneyFilho saidthe report would be a "working tool" for cracking down on this environmental crime.

A governmentstatement saidthat rising numbersof smuggled animalsbeing found by police beforethey are sold indicated that its policieswere working to clamp down on the problem.A statement showedthe numberof animals The survey,which includesdetailedmapsof traffickers'routes found had risento 6l ,l 82 in 2000, up from 23,100in I 998. for their live cargoesof everythingfrom rare parrotsto deadly snakes, saidjust0.45 percentof the total amountof animals But the report warnedthat the animal smugglersare often smuggledeachyear are intercepted police. involved with otheractivitiessuchas the drugstrade, by indicatingthey are not just amateur criminals. "There is the domesticand the foreign market,"said Morad. "The foreign market is mainly for rare species."

Li ited m Answerrhef olIowing q.r"rtilll'Jl U1:*ü1,. 2. 3. 4. 5. \zVhat kinds of animals are stolen from the Amazon Rainforest inBrazil? According to the article, what makes Brazll special? According to the arücle, what are the two biggest international criminal activities in the world? \uVhat does the Brazilian government want consumersto do? \A/hy does the Brazilian government think that its policies have been successful?

Match the wordsfrom the article (G11) with the correct definitions (a-f). (3 marks)
6.To traffick is to ... 7. Endangered animals are ... 8. Countless means 9. To fetch is to ... 10. To ship is to ... 11. To crack down on is to... I a. ... transport by boat. I b. ... at risk of disappearingas a species. I c. ... reduce. I d. ... take products, ..nimals or people to other countries illegally to be sold I e. extremely large number of. I f. ... cost an amount of monev on the market.

Read the article and do the activity.


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