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482 College of Engineering and Computing

Graduate Catalog 2011-2012 • • • • • • • •
Biomechanics Laser and Plasma Materials Processing Nanomaterials Nanotechnology Electronic Packaging Optical Measurement and Diagnostics Waste Management Renewable Energy

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Cesar Levy, Chairperson and Professor Arvind Agarwal, Associate Professor Wei-Yu Bao, Coordinatorof Research Yiding Cao, Professor and Graduate Program Director Jiuhua Chen, Associate Professor Wonbong Choi, Associate Professor George S. Dulikravich, Professor M. Ali Ebadian, Professor Dennis Fan, Instructor Gordon Hopkins, Professor and Dean Emeritus W. Kinzy Jones, Professor and Director, Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute Carlos J. Lavernia, Courtesy Professor NormanMunroe, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Affairs Surendra Saxena, Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions Carmen Schenck, Advisor/Instructor Ju Sun, Instructor Ibrahim Tansel, Professor Sabri Tosunoglu, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director Igor Tsukanov, Assistant Professor Chunlei (Peggy) Wang,Associate Professor Kuang Hsi Wu, Professor Mechanical Engineering, a major division of the engineering profession, plays a major role in our technologically advanced society. The design and manufacturing of power plants, automobiles, aircrafts, robots to improved methods of transportation and production by industrial robots are but a few important inventions that would not have been realized without thecreativity associated with the mechanical engineering profession. The mechanical engineer is a vital ingredient in most industries that require automation, computers and medical technology, as well as areas as diverse as space exploration, environmental control and bioengineering. In fact, the mechanical engineer has a direct input in all facets of modern life. There is a high demand forgraduates in mechanical engineering from high technology industries throughout the United States and the developing world. The Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at FIU takes pride in providing well educated, and technologically competent graduates to serve these industries. The academic program provides a well-balanced curriculum in the following areas of specialization: • MechanicalSystems • Mechanics • Robotics and Mechatronics • Thermo/fluid Systems • Heating-Ventilation-and-Air-Conditioning (HVAC) • Material Characterization • Manufacturing and Automation Systems • Materials Science and Engineering • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and Inverse Design • Computational Analysis and Distributed Parallel Computing

Materials Science and Engineering is a dynamic fieldinvolved in the synthesis, structure, properties and performance of materials. Advanced materials are the foundation of manufactured products and many of the technological advances of this century were enabled by the development of new materials. Materials Science and Engineering is a graduate program only, with undergraduate electives offered in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum to prepare thestudent for graduate education in materials science and engineering. The academic program offers specialization in metallurgy, ceramics, electronic materials, nanomaterials and biomaterials. There is an increasing demand for graduates in materials science and engineering, with high technology industries leading the need for graduates. In fact, many of the companies needing materials scientists andengineers did not exist 20 years ago. Because everything is made of materials and new materials, such as nanomaterials, are rapidly being developed, materials science and engineering is a growth field in engineering. Opportunities also exist for conducting research in the following Centers: Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute (AMERI): This center provides open access to research...
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