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NI USB-6008/6009
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This user guide describes how to use the National Instruments USB-6008/6009 data acquisition (DAQ) devices and lists specifications.

The NI USB-6008/6009 provides connection to eight analog input (AI) channels, two analog output (AO) channels, 12 digital input/output (DIO) channels, and a 32-bitcounter with a Full-Speed USB interface.

This manual revision updates naming conventions to reflect the conventions used in NI-DAQmx. Table 1 notes the correlation between the old and updated names.

Table 1. Digital Output Driver Type Naming Conventions

Hardware Functionality Open-drain Push-pull

NI-DAQmx Terminology Open collector Active drive

Table 2. Differences Betweenthe NI USB-6008 and NI USB-6009

Feature AI Resolution Maximum AI Sample Rate, Single Channel* Maximum AI Sample Rate, Multiple Channels (Aggregate)* DIO Configuration

NI USB-6008 12 bits differential, 11 bits single-ended 10 kS/s 10 kS/s

NI USB-6009 14 bits differential, 13 bits single-ended 48 kS/s 48 kS/s

Open collector

Open collector or active drive

System dependent.

1NI USB-6009
8 Inputs, 14-bit, Multifunction I/O 32 16


USB Cable Strain Relief

Figure 1. NI USB-6008/6009 Top View

Figure 2. NI USB-6008/6009 Back View

NI USB-6008/6009 User Guide and Specifications




1 Analog

Figure 3 illustrates the dimensions of the NI USB-6008/6009 device.

81.81 mm (3.221 in.)

23.19 mm (0.913 in.)

85.09mm (3.350 in.)

76.09 mm (2.996 in.)

63.50 mm (2.500 in.) 72.65 mm (2.860 in.)

Figure 3. NI USB-6008/6009 in Millimeters (Inches)

Safety Guidelines

Operate the NI USB-6008/6009 only as described in these operating instructions. The following section contains important safety information that you must follow when installing and using the NIUSB-6008/6009.

Caution Do not operate the NI USB-6008/6009 in a manner not specified in this document. Misuse of the device can result in a hazard. You can compromise the safety protection built into the device if the device is damaged in any way. If the device is damaged, contact National Instruments for repair. Caution

Do not substitute parts or modify the device except as described in this document.Use the device only with the chassis, modules, accessories, and cables specified in the installation instructions. You must have all covers and filler panels installed during operation of the device.

© National Instruments Corporation


NI USB-6008/6009 User Guide and Specifications


Do not operate the device in an explosive atmosphere or where there may be flammable gasesor fumes. If you must operate the device in such an environment, it must be in a suitably rated enclosure. If you need to clean the device, use a dry cloth. Make sure that the device is completely dry and free from contaminants before returning it to service. Operate the device only at or below Pollution Degree 2. Pollution is foreign matter in a solid, liquid, or gaseous state that can reducedielectric strength or surface resistivity. The following is a description of pollution degrees: • • Pollution Degree 1 means no pollution or only dry, nonconductive pollution occurs. The pollution has no influence. Pollution Degree 2 means that only nonconductive pollution occurs in most cases. Occasionally, however, a temporary conductivity caused by condensation must be expected. Pollution Degree 3means that conductive pollution occurs, or dry, nonconductive pollution occurs that becomes conductive due to condensation.

You must insulate signal connections for the maximum voltage for which the device is rated. Do not exceed the maximum ratings for the device. Do not install wiring while the device is live with electrical signals. Do not remove or add connector blocks when power is...
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