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Quality system GMP13


1. Introduction
2. Organisation
3. Management responsibilities
4. Quality manual
5. HACCP plan
6. HACCP-team
7. End product specifications
8. Intended use
9. Process diagrams
1. drawing up process diagrams
2. symbols
10. Confirmation of process diagrams
11. Hazard identification12. Determine control measures / CCP’s
12.1 introduction
12.2 CCP decision tree animal feed sector
12.3 risk assessment
12.4 completing the risk analysis table
13. Determine target values and critical limits for CCP’s
14. Monitoring CCP’s
15. Corrective actions for CCP’s
16. Verification of the HACCP system
17. DocumentationAppendixes

1. Definitions
2. Job descriptions
1. Management representative
2. Coordinator HACCP-team
3. Logistic manager
4. Trader
3. Management definition and policy
4. Records of the management review
5. Product specifications
6. Process diagrams Inproquisa S.A.
7. Risk analysis table Inproquisa S.A.
8. Summary ofCCP’s and POA’s
9. Risk analyses dairy industry
10. Checklist for GMP13
11. HACCP manual Animal Feed Sector (GMP20)
12. Expired documents
13. Supplier list

1 Introduction

The GMP quality system for animal feed of Inproquisa S.A. is laid down in this document.

This Quality control system is based on GMP13. GMP is a Dutch quality system that in the current formexists since the year 2000. From the early of the nineties the quality policy of the Product Board Animal Feed is aimed at quality assurance of animal feed with help of a GMP-standard, which is based on the ISO 9001 standard. The quality assurance of animal feed that was used until 2000 proved to be insufficient and could not prevent unforeseen contaminations. Therefore the Product Board AnimalFeed decided to enhance the quality guarantee regarding the Dutch animal feed sector, choosing for a pro-active approach for the control of risks in the entire production chain, extension of the quality control to the entire chain of suppliers of feed materials and an early warning system which is intended to be a safety net. This accentuate of the rules resulted in regulation for the foreignsuppliers who sell feedstuff to the Netherlands

GMP13 is especially focussed at the extension of the quality control to the foreign suppliers of animal feed materials and is based on HACCP. In the context of HACCP this manual will indicate the methods by which the organisation will ensure the safety of animal feeds, including process management plans. The GMP quality system for animal feed is partof the integral chain control systems in the pork- poultry-, dairy cattle- and cattle sectors.

A list of definitions is laid down in appendix 1.

This quality system is confidential, Copying (parts of) this document is only prohibited with permission of Inproquisa S.A.

2 Organisation

Business information

Company name: Inproquisa S.A.
Address: Santisima Trinidad 30- 6.Oficina 4
City: 28010 Madrid
Country: Spain

Telephone number: 0034-91 448 61 39
e-mail address:

Description of the organisation

Inproquisa S.A. has been set up in 1968, by Mr. José Luis Noarbe Marco and performs its activities from the office in Madrid. These activities are purchasing, sales and storage. Transport and analysis are putout.

The products which are traded can be found on the list of products in the Database Risk assessments feed materials. Chemical-, physical- and chemical biological- risks can as far as these products contain can be prevented by buying them on basis of specifications and the measurements taken by the suppliers to remove unwanted materials and to avoid contagion by transport and storage....
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