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If on, the camera is a perspective camera. For more information on perspective cameras, see Maya camera types.
Undoable Movements
If on, all camera movements, such as tumble, track, and zoom, are written to the Script Editor (MEL journal) which lets you undo or redo camera movements or copy camera movements to use them for other cameras or scenes.
Undoable Movements is off bydefault, but you can still use [ and ] to undo and redo camera moves.
Ignore 2D Pan/Zoom

Select this option to ignore the 2D Pan/Zoom settings so that your scene view appears in the full camera view.
This feature is most useful if you have two panels and you want to work in the panned/zoomed detail region in one panel while working in the full camera view in the other.
No Gate
Turns offthe Film Gate and Resolution Gate display.
Displays no frustum (viewable volume) when not you are not looking through the camera. This is the default.
The frustum is the area or space the camera can see. Any object within the camera’s frustum shows up in images rendered from that camera’s view. See Clipping planes for an diagram of the frustum.
Film Gate
Displays a border indicating the area ofthe camera’s view a real-world camera records on film. The dimensions of the film gate represent the dimensions of thecamera aperture.
The film gate does not represent the render region. You can customize the render region using the Camera Aperture and Film Fit attributes in the camera Attribute Editor. You can also set the rendering resolution using the Image Size options in the Render Settings window,and choose to lock the Device aspect ratio, or set the Device aspect ratio attribute.
The film gate view guide indicates the area of the camera’s view that renders only if the aspect ratios of the camera aperture and rendering resolution are the same.

Displays the viewable frustum according to the film back size. The aspect ratio of the window (or rendering resolution) determines what youactually see. Also sets the camera Overscan attribute to 1.5. The following illustration shows the film gate representing the maximum viewable (or renderable) area.

Resolution Gate
The dimensions of the Resolution Gate represent the rendering resolution (the region to be rendered). The rendering resolution values are displayed above theResolution Gate in the view. You can change these dimensionsin the Image Size section of the Render Settings window.

Enabling this option displays the renderable area for the current resolution specified in Render Settings window. This often specifies a more exact rendered image than the Film Gate option. Also sets the camera Overscan attribute to 2.0, so that more area outside the specified resolution can be viewed.
NoteIf the aspect ratio between thefilm back and the resolution is the same, then the two resulting rendered images match.
Gate Mask
Turn Gate Mask on to change the opacity and color of the area outside a Film Gate or Resolution Gate. You can only view the effects of a Gate Mask when theFilm Gate or Resolution Gate is on. You can adjust the gate mask’s opacity and color in the camera’s attributes under the Display Options.Field Chart
Turn Field Chart on to display a grid that represents the twelve standard cell animation field sizes. The largest field size (number 12) is identical to the rendering resolution (the resolution gate). Render Resolution must be set to NTSC dimensions for this option to be meaningful.
Safe Action
Turn this option on to display a box defining the region that you should keep all of yourscene’s action within if you plan to display the rendered images on a television screen.
For more information on Safe Action, see Safe display regions for TV production.
Safe Title
Turn this option on to display a box defining the region that you should keep all of your scene’s text (titles) within if you plan to display the rendered images on a television screen.
Render Resolution must be...
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