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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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1-. Project´s scope, description of the product or brand to work with.
A food product brand from Unimarc supermarket, it includes different kinds of foods from canned food to drinks.
2-.Description of the target audience
People (men and women) between 20 to 50 years old who cares about wellness and price to cook. They go to Unimarc because its first proposal is about gourmet, prepareddishes and healthy food.
3-. Campaign coverage. Local or national. Time.
This campaign is local in Santiago in a beginning and finally expand it national for 5 months.
4-. Descriptions of duties andresponsibilities in the team of the campaign.
Every team member will work in an specific mission. We separate work in Design, Marketing and Media.
5-. Situation analysis where the product or brand ispositioned, Price, quality, competitors.
We will position Tento as the most quality related brand for a low price between all supermarket brands in the actual market.
6-. What’s the objetive of thecampaign. Explain.
Positioning. Retail brands (specially supermarket food brands) obstain new costumers every day and there are many brands today from another supermarkets like: Acuenta, Lider,Seleccion , Great value, e! (from Lider/walmart) and Jumbo (from Jumbo/sencosud), etc. It’s necessary to make a difference about our product, positioning it like a real gourmet brand.
7-. How it will bedone? What media? (ads, radio, tv cinemas, flyers) hire famous people? If so,who) relate this whit target
We’ll use OOH advertising media in closer places and make a real internet social activationabout brand qualities, including social media. This campaign will contain some TV spots too.

8-. Resources required, related this with the used media.
Besides money, we will need an studio,personal, post production, photographer, models, cast, etc.
9-. Money
Approximately $50000000 (CLP)
10-. Performance measurement. Evaluation of the campaign (success).
We will measure success...
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