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 How is Singing Done or Started

Singing is a skill that requires daily training to maintain the muscle memory

that's required to perform well. A breath that expands the stomach, rib cage, and

back area, will enable you to sing from the diaphgram and give power to your

voice. To sing well, you need to practice breathing exercises daily. It is always a

good idea that yousing with a piano scale to train your ears. With daily practice,

you can become a great singer.

It would be prefered to find a vocal coach to keep the singing routine in the

safe side. Incorrectly techniques can ruin your singing voice. Spending money in

an experienced vocal coach would be worth the money. If your voice is a little

weak, you should know that this isusually caused by under-developed muscles

or improper use of resonators which involve the pharynx, the hard palate, and

the nasal cavity. The muscles that shouls be used are the diaphgram, soft palate

and some chest. Muscles can be strengthened and with some training you can

learn how to use your resonators to project a powerful voice. If you can't afford or

don't want the dedicationthat comes when hiring a professional voice teacher,

then you might consider joining a local choir.

Once you have acquired a vocal instructor get your voice tested to see what

your vocal range is. The vocal range verifies what notes you sing better or feel

more comfortable singing to get a fuller sound. The tone of your voice is much

more important than the range though.People will enjoy or dislike your voice

based on its sound character, not how many notes you can hit. Never sacrifice

tone for range. Your range can change over time and with maturity and training

but vocal chords can not learn to physically change.

Before you begin to actually sing you have to know some of the important

rules when it comes to singing. It's not just aboutmaking a sound come out from

your mouth but using most of your body. You have to correct your posture, stand

tall with one foot slightly in front of the other one, feet shoulder width apart. This

will allow you to breathe easily and to allow better notes and phrases. Stand up

straight, shoulders back and down, make sure that your chest is high enough to

give room for your lungs toexpand and contract. Relax your jaw and face and

breathe properly since this is one of the most important rules to do when it

comes to singing. Now you can go ahead and do the actual singing.

First, you always start of by warming up before you begin to sing by doing

practice exercises. Warm your voice up in this pattern: start with middle range,

low range, then high range,then back to middle range. You should spend at

least 10 minutes on each range and do not stress your voice if you're frustrated

and can't hit a note. Warm back down or up to your comfortable range and then

try again, carefully. Other things you might want to practice would involve

dynamics and agility. For the dynamics sing a comfortable pitch and start very

softly, crescendoto loud then decrescendo back to soft. Do this with many

different vowels and pitches. Dynamics are variations the intensity of your

resonance. Even the simplest use of dynamics will make your songs come alive,

and the more practice, the louder and softer you'll be able to sing healthily.

When you start out you will probably only be able to sing from mp (metzo piano)

to mf(metzo forte), but your range will increase with practice. For agility try

singing from do to sol to do really fast back and forth, trying to hit all of the notes.

Do this in increments of half steps on different syllables. This will help your voice

become more flexible.

Another thing you would need to focus in is in your vowel pronunciation.
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