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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2011
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Cantona is an archeology place in the state of Puebla; it was one of the most urbanized places of the prehispanic age probably made by theolmeca-xicalanca people.
Cantona was inhabited from 3000 to 1530 years a.c. It is the most urbanized known fromMesoamerica. It is for sure that there were more than 1,500 streets and avenues. There are also lots of houses, more than 3,000 cause of it we know this was ahuge city.
There is also a big amount of ball game fields, there are 94 that makes Cantona or Caltonac, how its members called it, a bigarcheological space. This big city has an amount of 12 km2 distributed in 3 places which the biggest one is the south part with 5 km2, in any construction ofhere people use any material to join the rocks this is also unique from here.
Them they worn of Cantona they have the particularity to be coveredwith stones, and they were built a little higher with regard to the level of the floor. Their buildings were built without any type of mortars, aswas done in most of Mesoamerica. Besides it functioned like a fortress, as their own location reveals it (similar to that of Xochicalco in Dwell them)and the checkpoints of access that surround it.

Their inhabitants were dedicated chiefly to the Agriculture and to the commerce, especially ofobsidian that obtained of the mountains that they surrounded the city. After the invasions chichimecas in the 11th century, Cantona was abandoned.
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