Capital punishment

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  • Publicado : 13 de abril de 2010
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Capital punishment or death penalty is the execution of a convicted by the state as punishment for a crime set out in legislation; the crimes for which this penalty is applied are usually calledcrimes or capital offenses. The execution of criminals has been used by almost all societies at one time or another in their history.
Actually the use of the death penalty has been abolished in almostall European countries. In America, Canada and most Latin America countries have completely abolished the death penalty. However, the United States, Guatemala and most Caribbean states remain in force,and Brazil seen as punishment in exceptional situations. In these countries crimes like murder, espionage, treason, as part of military law, sex crimes are punishable by death.
In Colombia this topicis too hard because the levels of corruption in our country. Although, the proposal for approve this law was taken just from over three million signatures collected; leaving the decision now in thehands of Congress. But considering the amount of violence that our country has the death penalty is seen as necessary to prevent recurrence of such BACKWARDS crimes like murder and rape of children.The death penalty is highly controversial. Detractors argue that it leads to executions of some innocent people, the journalist Jorge H. Uribe claims that the death penalty allows discrimination tominorities and poor people who may not have the resources to afford a lawyer. Thus leaving the way clear for so many corrupt people to blaming on innocent people for their crimes and also with the numberof failures of our penal system have many innocent people would die.
However, how many innocent people have these maniacs killed without a reason? So if we can find someone neutral to make thisdecision as fair as possible we can solve that problem. Also if we limit the death penalty for specific cases like in Brazil, we can apply this law for the most terrible crimes. In that way we can avoid...
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