Capture. visualise. analyse. optimise

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Capture. Visualise. Analyse. Optimise.

Bringing your Highway data to life

Horizons: Visualised Asset Management
Horizons is Yotta DCL's web-based asset management software designed to enablethose working in the Highways sector to visualise, manage and optimise asset management strategies from one easy to use application. The Horizons platform has been designed as a complimentary piece ofsoftware to work with existing systems and data to be a seamless combination of GIS, Pavement Management and Asset Management. The combined functionality allows users to manage multiple sets of data,make cost predictions, plan and model various road maintenance scenarios, build schemes and ultimately, make better, more informed decisions. Based on Google maps, the user interface allows for easynavigation and enables the user to plot the precise location of all street-level assets to give the end user the most complete view of the network.

The Horizons platform enables the playback ofcaptured images including SCANNER pavement images in conjunction with a variety of highways data such as inventory and condition data from UKPMS surveys.

Scheme Selection and Optimisation
TheHorizons platform allows you to go beyond mapping the data and asset management to optimisation. With the ability to view and assess the condition of assets across an entire network, repairs and replacementscan be assessed, planned and managed from your desk. Schemes can be devised with user definable and localised thresholds, with your own treatment types, costs and rules. Quickly identify andprioritise highway maintenance work and schemes and determine cost implications of treatments for budgetary and planning purposes.

Bringing your Highway data to life
From road condition data to asset dataincluding lighting, drainage, signs and footways -you choose the data that is important to you. Horizons enables you to combine your existing survey data, asset data and any other 3rd party data...
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