Carnaval de negros y blancos

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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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Carnival of Blacks and Whites 

Official poster of Blacks and Whites Carnival in Pasto 2007. 
The Carnival of Blacks and Whites, is the largest and most important festival in southern Colombia, although the Geographical Indication is owned by the city of San Juan de Pasto, 1 Colombia, has also been adopted by other municipalities and the southwest Colombian Narino . Be held from January 2 toJanuary 7 of each year and attracts a considerable number of Colombian and foreign tourists. 
On September 30, 2009 was declared "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by the committee UNESCO.2 
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1 History 
1.1 Origin 
1.2 Establishment 
1.3 Maturity 
1.4 Renewal 
1.5 Siglo XXI 
2 Stages Carnival 
2.1 The Pre-Carnival 
2.1.1 All Fools Day 
2.1.2 Old Year's Day 
2.2The carnival 
2.3 The Castaneda Family 
2.4 The Black Day 
2.5 The White Day 
2.5.1 Great Parade 
3 The Carnival Artists or Cultists 
4 See also 
5 References 
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Great Parade, January 6, 2007. 
The modern carnival strictly speaking, arise at the dawn of the Epiphany (January 6), 1912, based on the need to express your imagination, play,friendship and sharing the joy that life revives those dates. In a fine and exclusive brothel in the city, home of the Miss Robby located on Calle Real (now Race 25), the audacity of Don Ángel María López Zarama, renowned tailor in the city, make him take a compact French ladies of the most requested and proceeds to spread the powder with fragrance for women, among all those present with the cry of theBlanquitos Live!. Soon the fellow master cutter, to be victims first and then play the game. Then everyone would go out to repeat the joke to the unsuspecting parishioners were leaving Mass at Queen of the church of San Juan Bautista, repeating live the Blacks and Whites live!, 3 expression underGaleras custody, and forever will be inserted with force into the essence of Pasto. 

Participantspreparing for parades, January 6, 2008. 
However, other cultures and expressions contribute to the formation of identity intricate expressions Pasto's Carnival festivities. This fact characterizes and differentiates between similar expressions. 
Its genesis is also rooted in the rituals performed by the Pastures and Quillacingas agrarian culture, which, at harvest time with dances honoring themoon, and other rituals were prayers to the sun, to protect their crops. 

Players contemporary White Day, January 6, 2007. 
These celebrations, with the merger and influence of Spanish culture Spanish give rise to religious syncretism, which generate proto expressions of what will be the Carnival of Pasto. In the early nineteenth century, the colonial authorities prohibit such parties to preventIndian uprisings, and recur to the 1834 celebrations with their churumbeles Indians, mestizos with masquerades and neighboring mostly gibberish, all these parties properly framed in the religious calendar, mainly with the festivities of the Virgen de las Mercedes (24 September) and the Immaculate Conception (December 8). 
In those days, on the eve of Three Kings Day holiday and also performed aspontaneous game of Negroes, mainly between whites and mestizos, because of the scarcity of blacks in Pasto, the holiday contrasted by the extroversion of a community characterized by a peaceful life and taciturn, who was in those days a chance to break the established and free the spirit. 
Originally a "day off" blacks, originated in the Great Cauca region to which it belonged Pasto. In 1607there was a slave rebellion in Remedios, Antioquia, which caused panic among the colonial authorities. This event was remembered by the large black population of Popayán who demanded a day off in which they could be truly free. To preserve social peace, the Spanish Crown granted on January 5, for this purpose: 
"THE PRINCE, VACO DAY FOR BLACK SLAVES." Agora entendyendo relayón and request that...
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