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Since the early research on automobiles made by the French, Nicholas Joseph Cugnot in 1765 and the post modernization of cars as we know made by the German engineering Karl Friedrich Benz (Glancey), mankind has put into the task of fulfilling the basic needs of consumers, this leads to a countless number of makes and models on the market for cars, but the great concern of the automobileindustries is, what will be the future of the car industry? Luxury cars, spacious with powerful engines or personal cars, small and quite thrifty on fuel consumption, It is true that in this world of engines, there are different styles for all tastes; sports cars that make us fascinated with its beauty designs and powerful engines, big cars that give us great comfort plus storage capacity and small carsthat meet the requirements for those seeking to take advantage until the last cent. In today's society due to high fuel costs, a major concern for car buyers is the performance of the car or MPG, miles per gallon, apparently this type of problem is solved with the acquisition of a small car, but are we willing to save a few cents risking quality and space?. Whatever is our need everybody arrives tothe same conclusion, cars are the biggest invention ever.

The automobiles were invented, but not as we know it, by the French inventor Nicholas Joseph Cugnot, born in France on September 25, 1725, before developing his invention, he served as military engineer for the French army in 1765, Cugnot, began experimenting with steam-powered vehicles, to create a car that could carry the heavy gunsthat existed at that time. Cugnot was the first person who managed to bypass the typical operation of the piston back and for thin revolving by means of steam. That’s how in 1769the French inventor released his first steam car. For the next year, he had an enhanced version which managed to pull four tons at an average speed of two miles per hour, the form of that vehicle was like a tricycle,because used two rear wheels and one on the front. Because of political situations as the French Revolution Cugnot disgraced and he was exiled from his homeland, later in old age he could return to France where he died on October 2, 1804.This was a primitive work of the car (Glancey).
The car as we know it was created by Karl Friedrich Benz, he invented the first car in the German city of Mannheim in1886, soon after other pioneers like Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in turn presented their models. Benz industrial engines began building in 1883 and by 1885, Benz installed on a tricycle a single cylinder engine which worked great driving it throughout his city, in 1886 Benz patented his car becoming the inventor of the modern automobile. Thanks to the fact that he associated with twoothers, Benz had the complete freedom to develop his idea and improve the design previously devised; At that time the wheels were constructed from metal, must not have been very comfortable these cars, In 1888 were invented the first rubber tires which were adapted to the new car developed by Benz.

Although the car had its enthusiasts, for the most part of the population in 1903 was a toy for therich and also a device harmful, vulgar and dangerous. The newspapers complained of the "terror machine" that ran over the kids and raced horses, the speed limits set for animal-drawn vehicles also served to limit the speed of cars in cities like Antwerp, Belgium. These machines were banned in all areas of Switzerland and Austria in addition wasn’t allowed women to drive them. In 1903, Great Britainparliament increased the speed limit from 10 to 20 mph, trying to meet the demands of motor enthusiasts, who did not want the speed limit and those of the farmers, seeking prohibition of these cars. In the same year the Express Motor Service Company of London put into circulation the first taxi in the world that ran on gasoline, the only one between 11,400 horse-drawn carriages, in 1914 the...
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