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Strategic Marketing

Making Decisions that Stick

People usually make decisions basing on alternatives like: would making that decision will bring me more money? Or projecting likely outcomes andcomparing those outcomes, thinking like if that will give them the structure to make a well and informed decision, a worse, believing that thinking that way will make them take decisions thateventually will bring them happiness in their lives. But what they don’t know is that maybe that would give them a short term happiness, but sooner or later they will realize that what they decided wasn’t infact, the right decision.

Making decisions based on what I said before will bring you a lot of failures in your life. But what you need to do to avoid this, is not to think that your decisionsbased on money, would affect the ongoing quality of your life experience. In fact, it is a consequence of every decision you make, whether is the right one or not, but is not the main factor to considerwhen your have to make a decision. This is usually a trap that many, including me, have fallen into.

To make your decisions taking the criteria of which one it makes you happier or basing on youroutcomes, will no give you or lead you to the right choice. Instead, it would lead you to the wrong one and even to failure. So the best way to avoid falling into this is to stop believing of gettinghappiness from circumstances, but on the contrary, you should bring happiness to circumstances.

This means that you must not think that the choices you make will give you or will lead you to theroad of happiness, because life doesn’t work like that and not all decisions will lead you directly to happiness, that why you must not base your decisions on happiness. It’s like for example, if youhave a headache you take a pill and that will make you happy for a while or in the short term, but what would happen if the causes of your headache were a tumor or a neurological problem, that’s when...
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