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1. Is the Yankelovich stud primary or secondary data?¿Why?
in my view could be both, as well as secondary data collection and primary data, I rely on several points of view, one isthat some data had already been collected, due to some surveys to see if hygiene has to do health, are closely related to the topic of Yankelovich, which is the Maid at home, but I think that isprimary and that the information has a specific purpose. But technically speaking the most appropriate or most effective is the secondary data collecting runs, by the qualities that brings togetherresearch conducted Yankelovich.

There are areas in which I sense that is a secondary data collecting runs entre them:

a) Identifies data sources
b) obtaining data
c) interprets and analyzesdata Yankelovich is providing.
d) Determines the information requirements.

2. How might someone like protect & gamble use this information? Hoover (vacuum cleaners)
Procter & Gamble could use thedata collected, to take into account the percentage of people who use the product either detergents, soaps, shampoos, disinfectants and antibacterial gels, taking advantage of Yankelovich conductedin order to know if people are clean at home or a few words that will implement healthy families have their homes clean, also to take into account the health trends of the families, we are talking tomore people every time is more orders or appeals to them more a clean and healthy air.

3. Are psychographic data as helpful to marketers as demographic data?
data are best for you psychographicdata, as these help to divide buyers into different groups, in this case we could label them, who like to keep their homes clean, and the people who keep their homes uncommon clean, the segmentationor psychographic data collecting runs is that in this case but helps the arguments put forward by the investigation.

4. What other sources might a company like Hoover use to help develop new...
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