Castillo de chapultepec

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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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Good morning class and teacher. My name is Luis Daniel Oliveros Romero and my team and I, we are going to speak about of Chapultepec Castle.
Please be quiet and pay attention.
The Castle ofChapultepec, is a palatial building located at the top of the hill of the same name, located in Mexico City.
It was built by Viceroy Bernardo de Gálvez andMadrid. Has several patios, steps and gardens most notably that of the Alcázar, hallways and rooms, spacious property characteristic of the (XIX) nineteen and early (XX) twenty centuries.Chapultepec Castle was abandoned during the Independence of Mexico until many years later, in 1833(eighteen thirty-tree).
In that year the building was chosen to be the location of the Military College, inconsequence, made ​​several structural changes, including the addition of the tower.
During the Mexican-American War, the U.S. military bombarded thecastle from the 12(Twelve) up to the 13(Thirteen) of September of 1847(eighteen forty-seven), and held up in its walls the American flag.
That same day, September 13(thirteen), 1847(eighteenforty-seven), the child Heroes died defending the palace, when it was taken by American soldiers during the Battle of Chapultepec.
Maximilian of Habsburg, and his wife, Empress Carlota in 1864(eighteen sixtyfour) decided to establish his official residence here. The Emperor hired several European and Mexican architects, for projects that followed a neoclassical style in architecture.-------------------------------------------------
The building fell into disuse, once again, after the fall of the Second Mexican Empire in 1867(eighteen sixty seven). Almost ten years later, in 1876(eighteen seventysix), a decree established that would host the first astronomical observatory in Mexico, which opened in 1878(eighteen seventy eight).
Continued to be used as official residence until February...
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